Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Photos from Vlog #12: Relaxing in Canterbury

Hanging out with Kathryn:

view from the boat
Pigeon hotel 

Our wraps for lunch
This chair was used to punish holding them over the water


 Beautiful views from the canal on the boat!

Celebrating the Senior Life:

You-just-finished-your-schooling-at-Kent Uni-and-you-are-now-officially-a-Senior- celebration-cake!
Senior Status!

Hanging out with Nicole:

They were playing jazz music in the park!
Jazzy band in the gazebo 

The castle playground we played pretend at

Nicole was hungry!
The castle ruins of Canterbury

She was supposed to look sad because she had been imprisoned

This is where we had a picnic for lunch isn't it romantical?
Field Hockey Buddies since freshman year! 

random table in the middle of no where

The weird cow things!
Strange grave stone-alligned wall
Colorful doors of Canterbury!
The cool car we saw on our walk back up to Parkwood (our home)
Saying goodbye to some awesome housemates! We loved our family! :)

Alan and Alessia

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