Monday, 25 March 2013

Photos from Vlog #6: Weekend in Ireland!

Saturday: Dublin, Ireland

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Temple Bar Square

St. Paddy's day is coming up!

The Temple Bar

Sunday: Cliffs of Moher Day Tour

Treaty Stone

The mighty River Shannon. 

The Cliffs of Moher!

Devan's pretty little braid went from this.... to...

This! Yeah, it was a very windy day!

Watch your step! But seriously...



SHEEP! Everywhere! And happy cows too! They're happy because they love the grass!

My sister asked if we saw any teletubbies there haha. 

Our lunch in Doolin. Lots of potatoes and sausages! Very traditional Irish cuisine.

And there were lots of confusing signs in Doolin. Luckily our  tour guide knew where to go!
The Burren

She's a dare devil!

Stone walls!

The ruins of an abbey nearby. 

Shepherd's pie and soup!

Our purple hostel in Dublin. Facing the River Liffey. 

Stopped in a little town in Galway. Had a funny sign there. 
 Monday: Tour around Dublin
Helicopters can land here!

Dublin Castle

Walking around Temple Bar. Look U2! And many other artists from here. 

These steps were in a scene from P.S. I Love You

The cute cafe where we got our Shepherd's pie.

Trinity College

St. Stephen's green

Arch by the park