Monday, 4 March 2013

Photo's from Vlog #7: Windsor Castle, Stonehenge, Oxford and Harry Potter!

Entering Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle

We swear he was staring at us too!


It was a tad windy there :)

Devan really is holding it!
Lovely scenery of the countryside. 
Devan may or may not have soil from Stonehenge...


The dining hall at Trinity College in Oxford. Inspired the Great Hall in Harry Potter.

After watching a short film, it opened up to the entrance for the Great Hall!

Here's the real Great Hall!

Harry's uniform as a 1st year student (so cute!)
Look it's Hagrid!!

Devan Syphers battling a death eater!!

Couldn't resist- Stupefy! 

Harry's bed.

Mirror of Erised. Seeing what our true desire is.

It's an optical illusion!

Down in the dungeons. Potions room.

Anyone want to go to the Yule Ball?

The Burrow!

These doors actually worked.


Hagrid's hut!

Entrance to Dumbledore's office. This actually moved like in the movie.
Dumbledore's office. 

Don't look now- It's You Know Who!! 

Umbridge's office (Yuck! So much pink... and cats)

Awesome kid kicking death eater butt!

Privet Drive.

We ran through this like Neville did in HP7 part 2 ;)

Hogwarts!!! So beautiful walking in this room! They saved the best for last!

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