Friday, 14 June 2013

Photos for Vlog#13

Stockholm, Sweden

Everyone Sitting on the Water's edge having lunch on a beautiful day
Where we got homemade waffle cones and ice cream
Old Town
Cute phone booth

The Royal Palace

First Day of exploring with the Backpack on! 

Now what are these and what are they doing?
Taking a good ol' nap on a slanted bench
View from our bench
Cool shoe looking slide
Our tea from the cute little cafe we ate at
Lizzie with her Swedish pancakes and ice cream
Me with my Swedish pancakes and ice cream
Soooooo tasty
Look at how cute the cafe was
More of the cafe
We ate here twice! 
Fishing off the side of a bridge

The leaders in the front of the Stockholm Marathon

The cute train you can take up to Skansen

Seal trying to escape

Lizzie meets hog!
Kids fighting! 
Coolest slide ever! It's a snake that "eats" you
More kids fighting

Reindeer with velvety antlers


Baby Pumbas

Really old church
The old markets

The post office we got our cookies from!
Lizzie loves her walking meditation places

View from the ferry

The ultimate bunny ears!

Watch out! Don't get too close to these or a seagull might attack

Playing wizards chess! "Night to E4!" 
Being Hermoine and yelling "No you can't!... He's going to sacrifice himself" to Devan (Ron)
Cool Snail we found
Just getting some water from the well
Really old tree

Picnic on the island
The ferry that brought us here

The fanciest and most expensive Pizza Hut we have ever seen
It was so fancy we couldn't even afford it

Our Moose Meatballs! So Delicious! 

Where the guy began his photo-taking-rampage
"Ok he's taking another picture of us and our food!"
"And another, ok maybe the others didn't turn out well."
"Why is he still taking picture? Here show him our food"

"He's still going..."

"I know. make him stop"
"Just keep smiling..."
Where we ate our Moose Meatballs

Lizzie was in love with that pink building

How awesome of a shot was this?!?
That dead guy we passed everyday in city hall...still don't know who he was

Stockholm wooden horse! 
Lizzie exploring the city hall grounds
Look she found another walking meditation area! 

The naked lady we passed by every day
Brunch at Fika's again!
Lizzie taking a picture of the little lion statue
Relaxing in the park listening to the navy band practice

The amusement park we sat and longed to go...


Got ice cream on the last day at the place where they were making the waffle cones!

An Army and Navy store called "Indiana". Wait what?
Lunch before we went back to England! 

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