Thursday, 30 May 2013

Photos from Devan Goes to Greece Vlog

Our room

More of our Room
View from our balcony
Our Pool
Matt, Stephanie, and Hollie
The guy who made my belt
Markets of Chania
Sarah and Me
The lady who made my dress
Hannah and Me

Archeological Site with hidden sign

These two guys were in the Archaeological Museum from one of the unmarked archaeological sites that Hannah and I found on our walk around Kisteli or Kissamous

An archaeological site found in situ at the museum
The best Gyro I've ever eaten
Hannah Eating the best Gyro ever
Kissamous/Kisteli Beach

Yasu the dog that followed us for 30 minutes

The fish spa where it all went down

The waves of Greece

Backlava and Icecream
They have pet chipmunks
And pet squirrels
The over night ferry that we took to and from Athens 
The Acropolis
Looking out at the city of Athens from atop a cliff
The odeon of Herodus Atticus (theater)

Temple of Athena

The Parthenon
The three travelers in front of the Parthenon

Karyatides (Are the statues dancing behind me?)
The cart we got the donuts from

                                                    Temple of Zeus posing as Hercules!

Temple of Zeus

Athens homes with Acropolis behind them
View under my feet at one of the free museums we went to
Sleeping on the Ferry
Trying to sleep on the ferry back to Chania
Swimming at the Beach

Yayyy Greece
Seashell Apartments


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