Saturday, 9 February 2013

Visiting London

Buckingham Palace!
At the gate.

Photo taken at St. James Park.

Giant storks!!

Abe Lincoln statue. 
Westminister Abbey

Big Ben

The London Eye

The set to "All You Need is Kill" starring Tom Cruise!

Trafalgar Square and The National Gallery.

That guy on a unicycle.

Another cheesy American photo!

More of the film set! We touched that car!

Piccadilly Circus- "The Time Square of London."

Les Miserables! One of the many musicals playing in London.

The British Museum!

It's the Rosetta Stone!

What Peak Sanctuary figurines are suppose to look like.
We did our best in our Aegean Archaeology class to replicate it. 
St. Paul's Cathedral

The view of the Tower Bridge from London Bridge. 

Dover Castle Trip

Entering the castle grounds.
In front of the secret wartime tunnels.

Walking to the Great Tower.

Princess Lizzie and Princess Devan sit at the throne!

View of the castle grounds from the top of the tower.

Everyone checking out the scary deep well! At the Saxon Church and lighthouse. 
Titanic photo!

Those poor sheep better watch out!

The beautiful view of Dover!
Tea and scones anyone?

Last look of the Dover Castle!

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